Watch the demonstration video


There are five Color Onions in the game, each with a different color


The Touch Pad


Flick the Touch Pad to interact with the Color Onion


If the Touch Pad contacts the Color Onion in the Dynamic Score Zone, Score Objects are generated.  Contact Score Objects with the Touch Pad to raise your score level


The Minor Score Object has a score value of 100


The Major Score Object has a score value of 200


The Supercharge Score Object has a score value of 500


Don't allow the Color Onion to go below the Lower Onion Threshold!


The Overmass Keeper ejects Overmass towards the Color Onion, to push the Onion downwards towards the Lower Onion Threshold


The Overmass Keeper has an initial score value of -25, however this reduces to -500 with extended game play

Question:  How many levels are there?

Answer:  The game flow is a sequence of game phases.  Game phases flow into each other and the game has no end, it's infinite.  So in theory you could play forever...

Question:  What would motivate someone to play Overmass?

Answer:  Overmass is a casual game that can capture the players focus as it requires a continuous flicking action to keep the color onion in play.  This aspect of the game can be a stress reliever to some people, while the desire to beat a high score is the immediate motivation.

A significant function in the game is where the user flicks the touch pad upwards, usually towards the color onion, but also towards the score objects when they are available.  The accuracy to be expected from the players flick action is limited.  A player is expected to contact the color onion to push it upwards, or to contact a score object to raise the score, but is not generally required to push the color onion to hit a target, just to hoof it upwards.  Game speed can be adjusted to suit a players dexterity, this is intended to improve accessibility.